Solution to the biggest communal issue in India

We all know that India is a land of diversities. Different cultures, communities, religions, languages, etc. makes our Nation. Even though there is a diversified nature when we looked upon this nation, one binding force which is called ‘unity’ is keeping hold of these diversified forces to make one stable nation called ‘India’.

However strong this binding force is, there are times when this nation seems to loose the balance often when communal conflicts happen. Especially, between the Hindu community and the Muslim community, we come across some tussle from time to time. We had also witnessed several riots between the two communities in the history of our new independent India.

Today, I am bringing a possible solution to this issue. In order to achieve peace and harmony  among these communities and a conflict-free society, both parties have to make a certain compromise which is also not beyond possible.

First of all, the Hindus believed the cow to be a sacred animal, we all know that. They are so emotionally attach to this animal since because the Hindu god Lord Krishna himself used to take care and prayed the cow and told us to treat her like our mother. (There is also a philosophical reason for that. Since we used to drink her milk and grow just like the infants do with their mother’s milk, the cow may be considered as a mother). So, if the Muslim community (taking due consideration of the above facts) willingly support the Hindu sentiments and opt for other animal’s meat for consumption like that of chicken, duck, mutton, sheep, etc. then, the Hindus will have no reason to mind against the Muslims.

Secondly, in a similar way, Muslims used to treat the pig as an unholy and unclean animal and forbid the consumption of pork (pig meat) among the Muslim community. Even, it is particularly mentioned in the Quran, the holy book, not to rear and consume this animal. There is also a scientific reason for that. We all know that the pigs generally used to live on the waste products and unclean foods particularly the discarded and remains of our foods. That is why they are unhygienic and also scientifically unfit for human consumption. Similarly, alcohol or any other forms of liquor are also forbidden in Islam. Therefore, if the Hindu community (taking the above facts into consideration) stops eating pig meat or pork and quit drinking willingly from their heart respecting the Muslim sentiments and opt for other forms of meat for consumption like the ones mentioned above, then the Muslim peoples will have no reason to mind the Hindus and will be ready to mingle each other.

This (food habits) is one of the most important factor in bringing apart different communities because we generally don’t like people to mingle with, whose food habits are different from ours. This is a human nature. We loved or don’t find difficult in accepting those who also eats what we love and hated those who eat what we hate. However, one cannot change entirely or completely their food habits only for the sake of others.

Therefore, what I would like to suggest to all the readers, especially the Hindu and Muslim communities, is to make these necessary or certain compromise in their food habits in order to achieve a harmony or peaceful society among our different communities respecting other’s sentiments and not hurting their feelings.

I could have written a lot and many other ways and explanations in this blog for bringing communal harmony but I don’t want to bore you readers with long passages. So, you can read others in my coming articles. That’s all for today. Thank you for reading.